Posted on Nov 12, 2013 in Web

So, because I spent the week w/ javascript instead of php, I thought I’d just crack open Shawn’s example and see if I could run it a few times and comment to myself about the structure. An attempt to remember which failed horribly.

And, of course, his sample defaulted to showing an index of files in my WEB folder, so I went to check on my mySQL and see what’s wrong. It appears that I don’t have database creation privileges??? Dreamhost says I do, mySQL says I don’t and it’s basically midnight. Sigh, horrific time management…. since I’ve got one all-nighter booked for both tonight and tomorrow for other projects…  I will be back next week for some serious web catch-up.

Fortunately, I’ll be a sankey diagram translation master at that point… (from javascript to processing to php?) so perhaps I can make a php version, using playful quiz results, to make something fun between css/html/php.

Oh, side note, changed my mySQL password (so I can remember it) and then had to troubleshoot my wp admin files. One step backwards, one step forward, no closer to accomplishing any tasks.