Serial Time…

Posted on Oct 6, 2013 in Physical Computing
Serial Time…

Although I’m very excited to begin pouring over old cinema patents, arrayed light sensors, pulling together laser patterns, and re-mixing old film (Encyclopedia Britannica shot above)… this week’s post will be short because I’ve got some exhibit installation tomorrow (yeh!) and am still in production.

Lab videos/Questions:

The first lab seemed to go fine. Conceptually, I can follow the code and wiring:



My questions arise from the  second lab and the multiple serial inputs. Here was where I began to get strange readings based on which ‘windows’ were open. For example, if it was just showing me the reading from Processing with println(), things were fine… a replication of the lab directions.

But the moment I popped open the serial monitor window from Arduino with the Processing window, my values and what was being read as a non-null sensor spiked all over the place. Instead of sensor 1-3 with appropriate analog, analog, digital numbers, it’d give me crazy (8-digit) error numbers. Is this the electrical chaos we should see as they fight over the serial port?

Aside these little battles and crazy readings, the lab itself- using sensors to dictate object movement- was fine. (Although, I can’t quite hold down a button, move two potentiometers, and take very, very bad iphone video.)

I’ll post a bit more Processsing play and program control Friday, as well as, experiments in analog audio. . . once I’m done with exhibit craziness and can return to/concentrate on ITP