Peter Greenaway, get out of my head!

Posted on Sep 24, 2013 in Audio Visual
Peter Greenaway, get out of my head!

It’s a little too late to say anything but ‘right on, Ira.’ I think right now, our groups is stuck between ‘suck it up and make, make, make…. it will get better’ and ‘you should be editing, killing things.’ Maybe it’s just me, having spent more time in animation, but I feel like the storyboard-and-raw-footage to actual film (time) ratio needs to be really, really high to trim out fat, stick timing, voice-over emphasis, etc. Or, maybe its coming from landscape where, we spend all our time mocking up phasing and, by necessity, walk away before those 25yrs of planning or 100 yrs of  grow-in occur. (It’s all just storyboarding, we rarely get to final affect.)

Anyways, my group chose to re-appropriate the ‘how-to’ genre to do mock ‘self-help’/laws of power videos, matching social manipulation to cooking  (violent prep actions, over the top ‘still-life’ metaphors, classic ‘an embarrassment of wealth’ imagery within a more abstract, clean background).

We’re assembling the full series in the morning, but we each took a meal and a self-help ethos. Below are segments from Lunch/Control your Appearance. It’s more or less impossible for me not to channel some Peter Greenaway and dutch masters as I decided to work from Ritz crackers to an artisanal cheese plate. As long as it doesn’t go all ZOO and I have to get timelapse of extreme putrescence, it will be fine. Or we could kill it.

Cornelis de Heem-467466

The vanity of it all!

[selections, not entire order]





etc. etc. Storyboarding every 1-2 seconds is overkill at this point, but so much of the punny nature of this will be lodged in the juxtaposition of voice-over and concrete actions; hence the script level mock-up.


. . .and so on.