Not Quite ICM…

Posted on Nov 18, 2013 in Computational Media, Data_Vis
Not Quite ICM…

So the great irony of the semester/ITP experience is that I’m literally, directly using these skills/tools/tactic but haven’t been smart enough to actually propose my career-oriented use as my final projects. Clearly a Time-Management Fail! So before I run off to spend some more time getting my 1950s data (which I also delivered a guest lecture on last week, darn it) to play well with my processing classes, here are some shots of the programs I’ve written with students as part of landscape teaching: how to get data (as manifest in different dash-board diagrams) to trigger interaction within a summary drawing. We’re all getting to be friends with Tables, IntDict, StringList, etc. etc. etc. and the power of .clear();

The movie below is just a series of the mouse-triggered interactions at work…. not actually animated.

NYC #4 and #6 boiler permits, dashboard & data interactions from siteations on Vimeo.


So a few good shots of the timeline hoover ( a .getTally(); operation on an IntDict ) and then geographic hoover, with the piecharts of furnace types by building type according to zipcode:


1925- 254 remaining building from that year are still being heated by #4 and #6 oil burners


1959- 49 remaining building from that year are still being heated by #4 and #6 oil burners


in zipcode 10280,  4 elevator apartment and 1 walk-up use #4 or #6 oil



in zipcode 10024,  3 Asylums, 5 condos, 5 educational structures, 157 elevator apartments, 1 factory, 2 hospitals, 2 hotels, 8 lofts, 9 offices, 2 stores, 1 warehouse and 52 walk-up use #4 or #6 oil