Material Prototypes for Architectural Chess

Posted on Nov 25, 2013 in Physical Computing
Material Prototypes for Architectural Chess

For play-testing this week: we wanted to get a working mockup of the grid, its’ responsive LED features, and working: a) corner circuit connections, b) the unique ID connections, and c) the responsive piece.

We’re still working through some shorts (physical), some material contact issues (copper wiring contacts), and getting our materials queued. Saki is constructing a parallel model of the system to confirm that her code is working (freeing me from translating labyrinthine classes, thanks Saki!). I’m going to multimeter out the existing circuits, find some liquid circuits on the floor and work on soldering wire contacts to determine how our final system should fit together.

Here is the current state of progress:



The test model with copper tape…didn’t work that because of copper? We need a help!


We finally got the values yet it was a bit strange so we booked an office hours…Hope the problem will be easy to solve…!



The mechanism itself was fine. The copper tape didn’t seem it worked..?


CODES for this project can be found here.