Fixing Things That Aren’t Broken (Group Project PSA)

Posted on Sep 28, 2013 in Audio Visual
Fixing Things That Aren’t Broken (Group Project PSA)

Just a little pause for a GROUP PROJECT PSA (for my AV peps and future collabs):

I am a a) mediator and b) planner. (Also, I am a classic poisoner and infrastructure appreciator…)

A) So when I see pristine figural objects in one segment and what are going to be finite room spaces, microwave shots, messier attempts at matching action- I try to anticipate ‘a smidge’ of how difficult the later will be (for ‘graphic’ figural cleanliness) and the former for actually having any action and keeping things pristine. And I must be driving you guys crazy trying to draw/think through that stylistic mediation (without being explicit about this as my working method).

B) Landscape is about amorphous environmental actions. We do secretly lust after simplicity, but we spend most of our conceptual energy on phasing disparate actions, ecologies, funding streams, and immanent biotic time tables, usw. I think I am worried about what is happening between very discrete storyboard slides. Is it nothing? Is it something? Can we annotate that? What is that camera action or inaction? What is that pacing? The graphics are awesome and I’d love for it to be as smooth as a simply melting bunny, but we have to work/strategize and practice these moves if we want smooth actions, seemless takes, or great matching cuts. So I’m sorry I can’t quite read the 10 second gaps. This my fault for not saying I don’t understand the drawings and yours for not annotating your slides. We’re in this kerfuffle together.

Basically, for the project, the voice-over should be no sweat, but we just need to be explicit about where we’re lodging irony- are they all imperative sentences w/o explanation and just ironic visuals? Let’s iron out those pathetic visual inversions, no?

That’s it. Maybe I’m trying to solve problems that don’t exist.

(But I am pretty sure that we, like every other group in AV right now, are driving each other crazy and wasting time we need for pcomp, icm, and our professional work- from photography gigs to exhibition and conference organizing.)