Catching Snowflakes

Posted on Oct 9, 2013 in Computational Media
Catching Snowflakes


This week, MT and I traded classes. I gave her a Snow class and a Ball class to generate either flake or Spirograph forms. She made a duck hunt game and so my response was to grab her Score counting class and Timer class. Unfortunately, by the time I’d cleaned all the extra duck references and ‘redraw ()’ commands (which either were unused or bugged up my snowfall arrays, I seem to have lost the key function to add data (I think it’ in the redraw?) So I ended up pulling together an incredibly simple counting class of my own to lodge with the function recording successful mouse actions. Here is my unsuccessful code, my mostly sucessful code, and MT’s original package.

Just some whiteout screen shots below:

(btw, the mouse and snowflake interaction zone is defined a bit wide… so there’s a bit of interference on the refreshed line/high snowflake catch counts…)

a background layer fill is set as a variable of time… hence the black to white(out) sketch structure…